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The following are the most recent abstracts available to the public. Please contact MJM Engineering Co to get a copy of these abstracts.

Interference Effects Between Two Radial Nozzles for Surface Heat Transfer Applications

Experimental Studies Using Confined Radial Nozzles

Experimental Studies On Enhanced Impingement Cooling Using Nozzles With Tabs As Active Heat Sinks For Electronic Component Boards

Thermal Development Of Modular Outdoor Cabinets

Some Issues In Experimental Testing And Methodologies In The Thermal Management Of Telecommunication Components, Systems And Enclosures

Some Advances In Impingement Cooling For Heat Sinks In Electronic Systems And Components

Compressibility Effects In The Design Of Gas-Cooled Microchannel Heat Sinks

Enhanced Impingement Cooling Using Nozzles With Modified Exit Geometries For Active Heat Sinks

Thermal Management Issues In The Design Of Outdoor Telecommunications Systems

Computational Studies On Enhanced Thermal Management Of Outdoor Enclosures Using Natural Convection In Open Channel On External Walls

Thermal Management Of Electronics Enclosures Under Unsteady Heating/Cooling Conditions Using Phase Change Materials (PCM)


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