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Table Rack

The Table Rack series is designed for table-top use. They accept all eqipment conforming to 19" rack mounting specifications. The frame for these enclosures consists of three inter-locking high precision profiles which provide the necessary rigidity while maintaining a high strength-to weight ratio. Equipment weighing up to 60 kgs can be housed in these racks. Front and rear plates are available as optional items along with a full range of other accessories and mounting hardware. The Table Rack series is particularly suitable for housing analytical equipment, production test and measuring instruments, and for laboratory use.

1. Aluminum Blank Panels for use at front or rear of Table Racks are 3.00mm thick and are supplied in natural alodine finish.

2. Rear 19" Covers are made from 1.2mm sheet steel and are supplied with all the hardware required for fixing to the frame. Covers are normally painted in the same shade as the main assembly.

3. While all covers are normally made from steel, covers made from 1.6mm thick aluminuim sheets can also be supplied on request.

4. Ventilation Slots: For specifying venting details use the suffix digit 'X' as indicated alongside.

X=0 No Slots, all covers plain
X=1 Side Covers only with ventilation slots
X=2 Top and bottom covers with ventilation slots
X=3 Top, bottom and side covers with ventilation slots

5. Standard Finish : Use the suffix digit 'Y' to indicate finish

Y=0 Indicates Standard Finish with aluminium frame powder coated Deep Grey (RAL 7030) and the covers powder coated Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Y=1 Signifies frame anodised natural and covers painted PS Blue.
Y=9 Special Shades. Minimum order quantity must be 10 or more if it is an IS shade, or 20 nos otherwise.



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