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Universal Instrument Cases

Universal 40 Instrument Cases have been designed especially for bench-top equipment. They provide Test and Measuring Equipment manufacturers with the opportunity to package their products in ready-made, professional grade enclosures that combine an attractive appearance with ease of use.

Made from proprietary aluminum sections, this family of cases is available in five heights, four widths and four depths. A choice of colors is also offered along with other options such as pull-out handles, hinged or screwed front panels, card guides, covers with ventilation slots, rack mount accessories etc. Thus the exact enclosure to meet a particular need can be put together with a minimum of effort.

The cases are normally supplied in a kit form and can be assembled in a matter of minutes when required using a single screw driver. All parts are die-fabricated to ensure precision, inter-changeability and rigidity. The use of this modular system of Instrument cases frees the electronic engineer from the task of designing enclosures and having them fabricated in small quantities. The Series 40 will not only reduce the product development time significantly, but will also ensure that your proto-type, or one-of-a-kind equipment, looks as good as the best from any large scale manufacturer.

- All alumimium construction with special extrusions to ensure rigidity
- All parts die-fabricated to ensure mechanical precision
- Available assembled or in kit form
- Standard accessories available for use with Euro Cards & Euro Connectors
- Universal Instrument Cases are suitable for Euro Cards of 55.5, 100.0, 144.5, 188.9 & 233.4mm. height and 160 & 220 mm depth.
- Accessory kit available for conversion to 19" Rack Mounting
- 2 front width sections
- 2 rear width sections
- 4 depth sections
- 2 front vertical sections
- 2 rear vertical section
- 1 rear panel
- 1 set of cover panels (base panel with feet)


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